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28 November 2006 @ 07:42 am
First day of school is almost here. You losers, ready?
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15 November 2006 @ 09:18 am
Here, my little wannabes, is a list of what I acquired today while out with Brookie. I am posting this list so that not only can you marvel at just how fashion forward I am, but as a warning to anyone who dares to try to pass off their flea market knockoffs as the real thing. I will know and I will out you in front of everyone who dares to listen.

- Jacquard mini skirt from Bebe (black)
- Diamond Jacquard pencil skirt from Bebe (black)
- Belted Leather Car Coat from Bebe (black)
- Boots from Prada (black)
- Jacquard Boots from Prada (black)
- Assorted unmentionables from La Perla (all in black)

Oh yeah. And about that last one. Keep dreaming.
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09 November 2006 @ 10:44 am
So. Just a little over a week left until the beginning of the school year. While your average, run of the mill teenager might abhor this time of the year...I am anything but average.

I love the start of school. Not for any academic reasons, do I look like a nerd to you, but because it allows me to once again remind everyone that I have power and they don't. It's a beautiful thing to wield the kind of power I do. Too bad none of you will ever realize that (except Brookie of course).

Anyway, Losers. See you next week.
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